I want to know how you felt you’d better alone walk without me in this cold ass world we both decided to pretend to not even exist.


Title this

Lips tied could sink ships too

It’s evening here but tell me again what’s wrong with this setting.

I haven’t many formal friends and they say the company you keep spells you

Most things I mean to say I never really say, actually. Sometimes I fear I’m reckless. Talking to fam the other months I realised women are just anything and sayed I’d post it.

You take a girl this lively and make her your’s (no offense, Princess) (and thank you Trump) she’ll cuff you. She’ll love you even only however because you’re at your very best then. Everything that happens next could be elves and other things SanDisk casually gabs about don’t mistake love for content. Girls are all the same.. they want you all the time until you forget to be who they saw in you to begin with.


Say you woke up a bird. Your two immediate reactions being jumping and figuring out you could jump or jumping and not actually flying but rather plummeting to your very own demise and not having to complete writing; thighs. But I’m alive now so I’ll write it as long as I am still.

Hoo Ha

She seats next to my other crush reading a book that reads – Life Without Meaning. A bit groggy but still a 9 so I keep staring for at least a full minute in absolute awe and pre-erection up until she picks her nose.

Free write

I can relate to perhaps half the eagerness we all felt when MTN messages popped in saying Kawesii’s killer had been found ..alocated actually, on his way back to Congo. I seem so sure since chances are I could have sold the same guy stouts days just earlier.