Each year on my birthday, I wake up to a dove on my window. Not in the biblical sense or anything.. I just rather wake to one so I tie it there or have someone do it. Why am I explaining myself? Today as I woke there was a locust patched on my face or whatever (this is Uganda) ..afraid to get out through his usual exit and rather oddly now making a home out of my unkempt beard.. is partly why I’ve chosen an older picture to accompany this. Now that that’s outta the way, I’d like to disclose that for unlike most of these boys here, I refresh my resolutions with each birthing date, and that last year I thought by the end of it I’d have a page or two to show for it, and here went.

June 28th:
Happy new-year and not Happy birthday is what should be logically acceptable.

I want to tell people it’s my birthday but can’t quite figure out why.

Feb 3rd:
Inspiration that matters comes from only those that matter.

Feb 6th:
You need not a blue canvas to paint the sky.

The truth is wherever you want it to be.

To be successful, you need not know who you are, but who to be.

The only way to be successful is if you actually try.

We are but the goals we set.

To be persistent is to be successful.

You want to be great, you want to live lavish and in the comfort of your own liking next to three or four vintage anythings? Well I have words for you; put to work!

Soon after — Do not be a slave to your dreams. Remember; you have to live too.

Other days:
Hear me. I know of no one that’s loved and not been hurt.

I don’t even hold the belief that perhaps somewhere out there in the vastness of this entire universe.. drifts a version of me that hasn’t been hurt. I’m at peace with all that I am.

Love is not something you find these days. You want it, you googled it.

Before all this:
Prepare for the worst, and do expect it.

Know this; There’s no light, better yet a tunnel to walk towards if you’ve been spreading false facts bout your mates.. only darkness and suffering. Then perhaps a slender being with an enormous shiny sword but enough with the details.

Repetitive thoughts, or even feelings in mostly all cases depict real intent. It’s the one thing we must never forget as chicken invaders.

Now, who’s wrong with this picture?

Death is what we go through when we leave those we love behind.

When one dies, we all cease to exist.

Men cannot be without flesh… without souls… without God. We are but of one life force, make, and purpose. We are of love, compassion, and fondness… we need each other.

Break free of all celestial bonds for only then can you tap into your full potential.

3 days ago:
To have faith is to dearly believe all to be possible.

Not many people know this.. the earth is actually flat now that Europe is failing. This furthter jokingly would’ve been the optune time to premier London Has Fallen.

Ooh. Imagine floating away. Now keep doing that till you actually do.

No body keeps you awake. You’ve gotta face your fears.

What good is beauty if no one can seize it? How good is beauty further even if no one can see it?

Take off that stupid human suit!

Pretending things will get better while tending the same direction as always is as naive as dumping your ex and together missing her.. all from one guy

Questionable nights:
Life is broken and dying.
We living things are not so far behind.

Love is within itself hate. Hatred for all that you don’t love.

I want to stare someone deep in the eyes and forget that ever happened.

I’ve been trying to say this but no one listens; religious virtues in practice are so demanding it’s partly embarrassing.

If there’s anything certain that I’ve learnt my entire existence, it’s that even the hottest Rolex cools.

Hell, you want to eat your Rolex and still have it. Why not? You could be a magician.

I’m actually typing this as I go along.

Happy New year Marvin.
Try not to make an inquiry of this coming one too.

The picture:
I’m a bit tanned all but for around my eyes which I find odd considering I don’t wear cucumbers to bed.

If you don’t like me, that’s okay. You just need to know me a little better.

I am is what I call myself. At least that’s what makes sense to me now. But you can call me anything really, straight from Aruhole to Arucohol if I haven’t heard it already. I take no offense, I curse. One the many amazing things I’m good at besides forgetting is this.

They say change only happens when you let it – the Adults. That all this other crap happening around you is merely unrelated and always in flux.. with or without you. It’s the ugliest of truths to life, this. That it just keeps happening no matter.

Well, no matter.

One man’s idea of a broken you shouldn’t necessarily instigate emotion within you.

Most bad behavior is masked by exquisite cologne.

Dear Earth; for the might we are, let’s be just that.

UNDERSTAND, don’t just question everything.

We have the right to indifference, but not one to get fucked up individually — About friends.

We can’t all be monks.

All it takes to be outstanding is a little standing out.

If love ever came back it well knows I’d shoot it dead. Not to dwell on the idea so, everything I crave later haunts me.

In whatever you do.. try not to get too comfortable.

Be wary of success for it leads to statism.

My love for you is astonished by how much shit I’m always willing to make up about you now that I don’t care anymore.

You might be an asshole. But guaranteed, somewhere out there is always an even bigger asshole.

If I assume peas to be beans, will that take me a ladder off the vegetarian dictionary? Cause I’m thinking, vegitably!

And for you out there feeling a tard lost. A bit out of place, or a whole lot short on reasons to keep abreath.. you know yourselves.

We’ve all been forced existence upon us but that’s not important — LIFE can get a little bit uncomfortable at times but to say you never chose to be a part of this is quite honestly inadequate. Rather like that one good story that ends right before it ever begins.

Like a butterfly on the street, her eyes lit purple from the toothpaste truck near and fast approaching — The END

SHIT’s happenstance! 

Hope is somewhat selfish.

It’s worthless that it is a thing really, this HOPE. Believe in you alone, I urge, and if that isn’t enough pick up a vice. Am I making sense?

Take all you can.. while you still can.


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