Afterwards _ Part 1

Every little insect here has a secret to share but with whom, lies the bigger challenge. They say all life holds value, and in my opinion that means that every last experience these little bugs could have lived is worth words as well.

So I’ll start with the dung beetle. I mean I had questions of my own like for staters, how great was his sense of smell. How easy was it for this little guy to tell poop from mud. And for the weirdest bit, was there a better and simpler way to predict just where next the next meal would be dropped, or did he like; roam for days and nights hoping to run into a piece just laying there, fresh or otherwise if at all he had a preference. I had all these unanswered questions but to my disappointment, all this beetle was willing to share was that dung isn’t actually quite as bad. That infact, if we all fed on dung, then there’d be more of fruits, deer, and lettuce for everyone to look at. An endless supply he insisted, and even went further to extract some valid reason based arguments, some scientific even.. like Global warming, Trump himself. He went on like this until his 25 minutes were up and up came the worm. I know, he’s a non insect. He walked and talked funny, this one. I guess everything really does have a side to them yet to be discovered, I thought. It took him 5 minutes of human time to get to the stage, more 2 to centre himself and by this time most others had began to make aware their discontent as to this waste of time.

But then he spoke; so gallantly in fact you could hardly tell him apart from Bonaparte.

It’s the while in the wait that often gets us on edge, he went. I know for one not to wake early or do anything rushed, cause mostly experience. Us worms are early risers, and as an early riser, one day you just won’t show up after that morning crawl and everyone will start wondering if that call was even genuine.

You might assume you know everything but sometimes its better to take your time. Other’s too.




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