Along the road.. the next step to every evolutionary phase has always been a single bastard with a mission

I’ll now assume me constants constant and lay them down just to lay with them or nothing at all. Cases. Old stakes infact. Some to spike chantless fears off your dead grandmother’s spear but still you’ll yield every now and again to rage off demons yet to become


This life — only you are accountable no matter how much of an asshole you’ll prove to become, guaranteed.. nothing ever stays the same. The idea is to try as fairly as heeded to keep at pace or drop out already

Chargers only

Spears don’t shoot, you see.. and knowing your limitations as it is can and will always be a cardinal factor in understanding why it is certain things around you fall into the joint places that they ultimately did

I for one value privacy and see no reason to round about it. I swear. I’ve since said all that’s been called out then got on a jaj or sumthn to get away or say, prove points to strangers

Hilarious as this sounds, letting go of focussed living can never be the option to it.. in this game, again get quit, you don’t. What you people don’t seem to gather.. one simply cannot walk by you. They’d try but look at these folks. They’d ride along my ambitions to exhaustion and still couldn’t race this parallel me to anything ever again


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