Marvinism 17_39

The thing about pictures.. one can never be too honest. At some point you’ll have to wonder to yourself if that’s all the portrait was meant to mean anyway.


If you took a thought to spare.. somehow you’d know to duck when and say if a bullet went off. That further so.. art and poetry alike are about those too honestly speaking.. creating.. narrating.. call it what you may — just drive me home after. I’ve always been presumptuous when it came to matters at hand. My one rule was spare a while only when I could and that for some reason turned me into a Charlie Sheen. Originally Dr Cooper, and before that; a one Christopher Jane. Yeah.. you heard me. But now I just think I’m the cleverman. Making ends meet. Selling lifestyles. Stripping Truths bare, if you nahmean.


I understand life
I understand pain
I now know why none of that matters and why we all should follow our own path to destruction

I should be on T.V


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