Carry your crosses

And then I said
Forget what you think I think you know. Learn a thing or two from this engagement, brethren

I want to know what it is it is that’s wrong with me
People say I’m cruel
Some with words.. I mean, look at me. I can hardly wrestle a bull — I’m not that kind of warrior. I’ve no time to settle. In fact, all my ex-girlfriend should testify to that. And yes, without an s. [[Sounds better in my mind) I never lay hands on anybody not that I’m proud but rather scared for I took the bible rather literally. Ahem. I shake my head quite literally and I’ll have me apples falling

___ –_ _– ___

I’m an angel by myself
I fight battles yet to happen, and what best way than with barrels instead, huh?
Shooting blanks for a year now and kinda kissed but she’s forms new to me, pregnant
Point to note here
Learning is the best gift anyone can offer
People change over minions and silver and that’s life in my opinion.

So you see, brethren, life’s shit!
There will always be voices in your head, cunts stabbing your back and a smattering of what we call real friends walking beside you, holding your own.. but even a much lesser grouping of those will be assholes posing as friends out to shank you and stuff, that’s why you gotta eat your sweat

Owe nobody!


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