Marvinism _ 20:49

Ironic is hanging up a sign reading “welcome back” in the maternity ward.

Strive to put everything back the way you find it. The lesser the things out of place.. the easier I’ve found it is to clean up later.

I know things about life – life doesn’t know yet.

Rather laugh your way out of fantasies, is what I’ve learned.

I swear my next girl will be different from the next one. How upon that? I’m feeling feverish for having to disclose that even after not having to.

Knowing you hasn’t been all chocolate, K.

I’ve had pills taken off my cart this last week alone all for a cuddle, what a drug.. You ..take me high just to tie me down and bind me whole.

You sing — You laugh. Life couldn’t have offered more. I’d be a message still not having you then.. now I know who I am and what next to assume each instance.

I could pull a rabbi out of a hat but why not the hell vodka instead.. somebody get me a heart.

Or a hat. Both needed, really.

Don’t not love for the fear of hurt. Learn to move past swiftly instead.


I’ve been at it for a while, you know.. this EQ thing … trying to understand why and how that’s even a thing and it’s a fig more darn EXHAUSTING. From now onward I intend to embrace this stupid self within who hasn’t quite figured better to move past rubberized bands and broken women.

There is no joke here.

I’m perhaps the only person here that isn’t honoured to be. This might as well be the shittiest life I’ve ever attended. After tomorrow, things might not even be existent anymore but folks still choose to live in cacoons ..slowly dying their time away – bloody geckos! I bet you don’t even wonder what fraction of the world dies each done day.

But just before I’m thinking that, a lady complements my shirt and asks to join me. I don’t need a shirt tho. We scare each other with compellingly sweet somethings and before we know it something is happening.

Tell me that doesn’t creep you out.


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