To break away


I want to, but the girl I call on makes me text 5, 6 times before she ticks back.
You know yourself.

Eitherhoo, the highest form of disrespect is nonexistence, I’m shocked — to not mean a thought to me, and it’s all I’ve been undoing lately. Mending wheels, if so. I’ve friends like Dorcus kayendeke, Mugumya Jenetia, Amanda Madumere, Adrix Norman, some one called Van Helsing, Hahaa. And others more if you follow … All that I’ve not talked to ..’d love to.. even for a split while like that but can’t still and that hurts — knowing it. Still, at least I think about it week to week.

Can you imagine how much attention tho, this takes — to write up a text this long – ey? — on a busy networking day like this, I don’t suppose you do. Cause see I’ve numerous unreturned letters on Longreads, hundreds more on Cease Cows and shockingly others on Sentence first, I’ve gotta break to. Like yesterday, and yet for some reason I made time to say Hi amid my flight to the rise. I must truly love you. But yet for some futher bummed up reason(s) that just isn’t enough?

Seems only logical from this point onwards.

Screw you, karma!

I have twelve forts back in nursery school all built with two blue ticks for all I care. That all you got you asshole!?


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