The word is innocent. How people perceive it tho is a whole different basket case. It’s with no valid reason on que with the likes of virginity, sex, blondeism, and Lucifer – the series, and yet. And yet. What’s odd tho is how many of us grow to run away scared of them. Insulting further more that we spend endless hours picking out the perfect emoticons for conversation’s sake. I know I do. A term BTW that happens to bear origin from… never mind that … You just guessed it.

“Trying to see as far as this darkness went, past this past of ours that’s held me statant, I might put. Further in fact, I now see all we thought impossible alive — a while ago two universes colliding right outside our expectations. Life is just strings underneath strings of emotions and dirt floating around entraping lives broken. It’s the urge for justice, I believe ..  beneath all that pains us in mind (and I perhaps more) at the thought of what we could have become that binds us sad, happy, afraid or even excited. It’s that one kiss. One last hug. Or in my case, the first. Ergo, how I partly got us here. I feel pained writing this. But again, form me a nation. Make me king and watch me paint our story allover these walls with nothing but memoirs we equally shared.”

I’ sorry.
I get furious at times. It’s just the thought of this all gets me verbs all around. I’m talking sacks of emotion stacked twelve by nine for a base of 6, and that’s a lot of sacks.

Is it just me?  Or do they all seem to be persons on their own. Independent minds as it is creating a surge ..a wheel of unfathomable beings that suffer insane personality disorders that ultimately bind us all fucked?

How could it be not?
What you, I (or anyone else for that matter) has to blame or credit about their current selves has all in a manner been decided by emotions. Honestly. To take you back 25 or so years ago when I was nothing but an effortful sperm swimming about in my creators nutsack … I got a chance to meet one of the chemicals (serotonin) capable of raining a lot more than salting and love (and ofcourse lives) upon this mist we’ve all grown to hide from. But here’s the shocker ey, even he had thoughts of their own. Voices that on occasion forced my creator to do unimaginable things. So grand in fact it got me here.

By Sandie & I


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