I woke the guard again

It’s odd. I keep hearing noises in my bathroom. Sounds, like people traveling, or elves yawning. But it so happens that I’ve just now completed the final disc of the insidious trilogy I been on, poor me. I didn’t want to admit this but, credits are important. I’d’ve gotten that paranormal guide team’s free offer coupon to like pin it up just for fun, or like use it. But what kind of jerk sits through credits with or without popcorn?

In anycase, there’s no bloody way I’m opening that door myself. Frightened, I creep out the bedroom window, down the air and quite loudly.. meet the ground. Next thing I’m told I get shot by a guard who I initially thought was asleep? — how I feel when I’m called wreckless.

But truly tho. I walk out the door, down the darkness of the corridor, to a squeezed passage way for exactly 2 running strides, I assume. I wasn’t running tho. So I step on an emptied water bottle which then rattles an awful scream of emptiness into every last bit of that tunnled path ..that then wakes the dog, two cats, and a whole bunch of gutter rats. I feel. Slay through them with my deafening screams. But at the end of that path, I get shot?

Jesus! The guard is asleep. Now, one last time, Me. Script this right.

But at the peak of all this nervousness, I hit my second stride. There’s a loud snare and so is the guard. I tap him. Twice, but nara response. So I move closer, took his cap off and dang! The other guard shoots me.

What? I like shootings. And I’m pretty bored with all this commentary. That and some asshat didn’t fix the forward button on this explora ..is what would be a nice joke.

Any hoo, I tell the guard about something totally unrelated because I can’t get my pace right, but again when I got back to my room I had to recite the entire thing to my shadow just after a whole while of debates.



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