I want a boss like backstrom

Later today. I intend to speak about my whereabouts this Wednesday. Yesterday, actually. God! I’m accountable to that kind of life, I just noticed. A friend lost their dad ..is all I plan to say. How official does it get? We can’t burry eachother no more? Otherhoo… I want to hide most times but the girl I call on makes me text 5, 4 times before she hits back. You know yourself. It’s life at its coldest how I feel. Like I’m sorrounded by all cold faces just rhyming about it now. But looking down all that, I’ve gotta have that bothered liver. I’ve gotta.

I come a mile hard this road I’m taking. It’s something I’ve dearly perfected. But what’s so dear to me is merely assumed when my name isn’t mentioned.
Not Marvin, the other one. But well okay.

Now let’s change that. I’m never not Oyo, you see. I’ve been at this for a while now so imagine how drained I must feel. 21 lifetimes… But no. I’m never not Oyo. The system would work, they said. Bald headed nit wits in IT, if only I could smack them now.

What we need is change, nobody gets it.

Coming soonish…


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