Warning! Explicit content.

Done playing: George Ezra’s Budapest, and Gorgan Star & MNEK’s; Ready For Your Love.

Now playing: Radioactive (by that band, which for some reason wants us to imagine dragons)

“Having a difficult time in your life right now? Turn your love light on and let that mother-effrr shine.”

I’ve been often cited questioning the validity of throwbacks, among other things – like why Alex Ndahula (kankurahure niiwe) still runs his on Fridays (I’m not entirely sure tho) or even so; why Bwogi Emmanuel listens to that awkward man (things that haunt me). I can’t tell who’s which … but all that aside; Imagine Dragons. Shudder! I know we aren’t supposed to (those guys are like well known dicks) but on reading that … what would you rather conjure up? 3 of them? Say, one gone rogue, the pair captured (What am I saying? Just think about Khalesi, GOT Sn5 – Epd6, exactly where I left it).

Still playing: Radioactive

Lethal, and also blonde. My idea of a throwback. But also pretty and yes, (I can not believe I’m yet to say this) smart. Not the kind that baffle Jo, obviously (I mean, who cares?) (Family guy, obviously). But again… not, think of it as a kind of love. Right, say you love blondes, huh … the damaging kind. Okay, now let’s do away with the dragons for a bit (I’m more of a dinosaur guy anyway). Imagine the aftermath then. Taylor gets it; burn the house, and then maybe; go hug a hobo at whatever her next song is about. I swear, I’d bite a spinach joke off her other vagina too, if I knew it in person. Apologies, I walked you right into an ugly spinach joke back there. But oh well, like I once said; I have that much respect for anyone that can spinach a vegetable joke. No pun. Also, throw that back any Tuesday, on Friday Night Lights even, and watch Kev try to pun that, or whatever. He’s too short, it would be funny either way.

Listen, I don’t know what it was about this song that makes me cranky and also, revered savagely enough to chant about in my after midnight sessions, but … it still bothers me when birds peck on other birds. Seems as though… (Phew) (I’m glad that ended right when it does) Throw backs aren’t my strongest of suits. Either way I’m glad that’s done, shots my ass!

Was playing – Shots (Also by the dragon band)

Now playing: Sideline Story – J Cole

Earlier today, I got a call to go pick my appointment letter, from UBL (which makes Guinness (Yay) and also Bell (Ooh))… But more importantly, I thank Mr. Asaph for it. Because of him, I watched a dream come true even though I was mostly asleep the entire time. Now, I know of no woman, and lots of men actually (if you can believe it) (who also support MUFC) that will tell you; the satisfaction derived from working with beer is second to none. To be fair, I’ll make this about Dr. Baabi David. And… abracadabra! #Grad_Things

Now playing: Hello, also by Cole J (For real though). I do not intend these puns and neither do they, me. Okay, maybe a little. Maybe we try extra extra like Senator, but who cares? Name me one distaff item wrapper that doesn’t apply make up (unintentionally) if you try to eat out of it savagely … and I’ll share with you one experience from a certain girl I dare not mention here for fear of being run over and dug right through … (wait for it) by the nipples rather savagely… all from imagination. (And there’s the beating heart all exes long for) (But what if I’m not kidding?) Now remember, you can find more of this at https://iamaruho.wordpress.com

I’m done playing stuff.



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