Throw Back

*Turns on T.V
”Yeah right, lets all be happy. Nice one Pharrel. Your brothers in Egypt… the Pharaos, they’d chew you up and spit out Bell cans if they weren’t so preserved right now.

Seriously though, I took a bell once… once! But even then it tasted like Simba’s piss. Here, let me tell you all about it: ”So there we were enjoying a made up holiday in Lugazi, April 2013, amid the first semester of my second year, sampling some great culture and wonderful mental decadants. And it had managed to stay as such up until Tony… you know Tony, he jokes about slapping rats to death all the time. He probably has tiny rat souls allover his finger bums too, so steer clear of him. Any hoo, he bullied me into ordering a beer in a roadside bar, I had a swig and gagged, then said to the barman, “What the hell is this?” He then replied, “the crown jewel of Uganda breweries” …or as Alex likes to call it, ”ekidde.”

Short story even shorter, I took it outside, threw it into the road, came back inside and had no remorse parting with 8,200 shillings what so ever. I would just like to say sorry to the Mufumbira on the bike with the grey shirt that I accidentally soaked. Or not, that guy sucked!

Oh and, they hurt just like us so try not to throw random things at their daring heads.



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