Interfaith Relationships

To be honest, the whole “opposites attract” thing doesn’t appeal to me. Chances are, it probably won’t appeal to you either after reading this. I believe the logic behind is that opposites don’t necessarily mean different, as is the general assumption. It’s very much possible for two people to want the same thing and still be on opposing sides. Question is, what’s to stop them from pursuing it? Take an example of interfaith relationships. Whatever the design, be it true love, juvenile experimentation or lunacy- love is within itself hate. Hatred for all that you don’t love. Now when you as an individual, capable of holding a grudge or alternatively showing compassion, step out of your comfort zone to meet the other party half way with the intention of pleasing them, you are very well literally compromising the same core values and beliefs that you stand for. And on a relatively longer scale of time, the both of you will have totally abandoned your belief systems and each taken up the other’s state of believing, living… and being. Assuming you truly loved each other.

Oh yes, the photo. I do take to the woods occasionally- to breathe free and of course, engage in the occasional hiking adventures, like climbing trees and/or trunks. I can’t say the same about Phil though. He had a perfectly horrible hiking experience, but he’ll come around. Now take for instance attracting people into your life, completely unrelated to the former. The idea is to get as many people to like you, your updates, your pictures, or even your parts… whatever it takes to satisfy your narcissistic tendencies. But in so doing, you end up with a lot of people, all who happen to have differing perceptions of you, some more bearable of course. So every time you need reassurance, a strange lot of people will be there to comfort you and make you feel complete, with emphasis on feel. A perfectly deserving relationship it might seem. But remember to them you are somewhat perfect- incapable of committing error. So in return, they tend to define you through dictating how much of you to expose whenever you are out there, be it on tour, sport or verbal interaction. This too depends on their values and beliefs- call that paradigms. The example I borrow from this is a situation where a dumb version of me tries to explain their idea of a basic thanks giving dinner to a vegetarian. Like would I against all odds, depict a fairytale dream where I’m best friends with broccoli man simply for their appeal? Because to be honest, my broccoli man depiction can be compared to your idea of the devil, and I mean that quite literally- scary weird guy in a vegetative state.

Earlier this month, I got shocked when a friend admitted to hating how tend to I end every sentence with proper punctuation. But like every other person out there, I too do compromise on this pattern of behavior when chatting with someone I really like. I recently tried to tell some lady mate I was crushing on that being shy is irrelevant. That one man’s idea of a broken you shouldn’t necessarily instigate emotion within you. Not verbally, but I tried. And it’s true, only you can choose what to feel. But you see, this doesn’t carry much weight in the constitution of friendship. You have to take a leap and show genuine hurt when someone you care about presents you with their idea of stressors, however irrelevant they might be. On my side however, if your goal was to dance and you scored an epic fail, then your idea of fun will be one I can totally relate to. There, we can be friends. No cardinal opposing interests involved, just similarities.



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