I’m out

I’ve been bullied into going out yet again, to dance and flirt the week away, I suppose. Can I even pretend to be that drunk? Anyhoo, this is me pretending to be dancing and obviously posting about about something else.

Here; I ate out of bag today. Soon after which I took the photo attached – in case it were my last. I also engaged in a couple of other activities but it’s beat to let that beast rest. People and spiders don’t quite get to me as you’d hope them to. My fears are more realistic, you see. Speaking of which; what have you people done with the system now? Can’t even have a rolex in public without feeling guilty anymore?! You might as well call it Genix while you’re at it. Not that I know of any one who goes by that name or anything.

I miss the old ways sometimes; when you’d have to unsheath the real thing with that much stealth and precision as though a ninja just hand-mailed you her true HIV test results right there in the middle of coitus. I once had mine disappear into thin air during a single game of minesweeper. My goodness, the horrors to that thing? Phenomenal! There’s a specific way the polythene wrapper sticks to your burning finger tips, provoking you… daring you to raze through it in an instant, like you wouldn’t, that very instance if you wanted to. And you often did… in an instant even. To prove a point often times – that you were drunk enough to call it a day. Like I am now.




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