About the Kenyan Uni – Attacks

You can not wake up one day and turn off the sun in Somalia. That would be wrong, I’m kidding, I’m kidding people… I’m just kidding. Let’s cogitate for a minute though, if you and I shared the same bedroom, would you, if you wanted to sleep turn down the music on your side of the room and let my metal ramp on with me howling along? The answer is no. Same principle should apply in reality if I and the other 2% of the agnostic society are to simply stand by and cast no judgement about religion.

A few days back I overheard someone at Uni mumble something about Kenya that has been troubling me a lot. For some of you who like me choose to not watch the news for a number of justifiable reasons, here’s what happened: Certain members of one religious faction- Islam to be specific… brutally massacred university students that came short of their beliefs and/or dress code for whatever misguided reason that gives them a peace of mind in their places of worship. And yes I asked, it wasn’t an episode off “Strike Back.” I’ve been trying to say this all along but no one listens, religious virtues in practice are so demanding. It’s partly embarrassing.

Polarisation, stereotyping and marginalization, all have one concept in common. And that concept is generalisation. ISIS/Al-qaeda/Alshabab., et al, attack and horrifically take lives. On summary judgement, we all start pointing fingers at Islam. Not knowing that in so doing, we are acting upon our primal instincts of stamping, just like the former. Cited in the “Religious Terrorist”, Christianity evidently pursued the same course of action while assuring it’s dominance some 300 years ago- Catholicism to be specific. But I don’t see any one pointing fingers, or has the statute of limitations on those gruesome murders lapsed? This act therefore shouldn’t be treated as the first of its kind, but rather as one in a very long line of religious tragedy. That’s why I’ll beg anyone reading this without the belief that what happened was a religious mess and that as a consequence, the tragedy should be treated as such to kindly discontinue.

It is hard to reason from the particular to the general but in any case, to be human precedes all and any claims that we as individuals have conjured up, to label ourselves as superiors or somewhat different from one another. In that hierarchy nationality comes next, then tribe, family, DNA, and lastly… personal opinion. To break down that personal opinion bit in the most commonest terms, it refers to subjective belief held by singular individuals. Such beliefs pertain to paradigms, religious views and trains of thought held by one or more humans regardless of their DNA, family, tribe and/or nationality. In the same manner heretofore I won’t be passing on these thoughts as concerted belief to instigate some sort of retaliation against the Muslim community. I believe that Muhammad, sole procreator of Islam as a religion in no right mind should have passed on his personal subjective opinion of unification as common belief, not with these commandments that some radical factions have exploited to pursue their own hateful ends.

I am a buff of standing by what you believe in, however, only when it does not involve mass murder. But tell me something, why people? I can name one other thing that Islamic extremists feel antipathy towards besides innocent teenagers pursuing a life in the white collar. And if I can come up with one reason, imagine how many others there are. Oh And that other thing is the squealer. For crying out loud kill the swine, rid the world of these filthy creatures for all we care, bomb the farm that supplies the pork joint opposite Global High School if you have to, the prices are terrible anyway, but leave your fellow beings out of it! And to think that some of those students had stayed up late working on some project shatters my soul.

See I’d love to hope that religion’s design is peace. Just for a mere moment especially for when I’m trying to fall asleep. A wise man once said, “do not underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.” No judgements, but do I have to bomb every last person out there who doesn’t take pleasure in a good old Edgar Allan mystery? And if yes, should there be reciprocation for the parties in question? Christianity chiefly undermines this. It teaches forgiveness- something about turning the other cheek. My millionth resolution would be to give christianity a shot. Islam on the other hand disputes this. It teaches killing off of all nonbelievers. It is for this reason that I concur that no unchecked faction should have that much influence over it’s subordinates. In a way, some authority has to come in and define morality above all else for the sake of mutual consent.

Verdict: I for one do not blame the people who carried out these crimes. I condemn the force that drove them into such madness in the first place- the inability to use ones conscience.



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